San diego botanic garden kids couponWith this coupon the little ones are free! Visit the San
Diego Botanic garden today! I think you already know that there is something very special about the San Diego Botanic Garden. As President and CEO, I see evidence of this reflected in the continued growth of our annual attendance, membership, donors, and our incredible volunteers. It’s a perfect example how the whole – the plants, the vistas, the beauty, the community programs, and, of course, the people who work, volunteer, and visit here – is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Those who feel the strongest are people who have been involved with the Garden the longest. Now, they may still call us Quail Botanical Gardens (and there is nothing wrong with that) but they will also tell you there is something special about this place whatever the name. The beauty of nature and the search for solace draws people to the Garden, but once you become a regular Garden visitor there is a special relationship that develops. It’s similar to the way we make friends and how, over time, those bonds deepen and become even more cherished. The growing number of people who feel a bond or kinship with the Garden bodes very well for its long-term future.

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